Buyers Guide

The Benefits of a Reflection Treatment System

  • Domestic systems only require servicing once a year.
  • Save up to 80% on electrical costs.
  • No Air Blowers required.
  • In most installations only one small pump required.
  • No chlorine disinfection.
  • The most passive system on the market today, with the highest quality effluent.
  • If your site allows, no electricity needed.

Questions to ask

When enquiring about Wastewater Treatment Systems the following questions should be asked.

  • Does the system have NSW Health Department Accreditation?
  • Does the system fully comply with the original test system?
  • What are the running costs?
  • What is the component life expectancy?
  • What are the warranties?
  • How long has the company installed this product?
  • What is the service frequency?
  • What is the service response time?
  • Is there a list of installations to contact the owner for reference?
  • Can you verify some test results to verify the quality of water to be used on your land?
  • What kind of return on your investment will you get?

Please right-click here, and choose ‘save target as..’ to download a pdf form containing these questions, for you to print out and easily compare different companies’ information.