Commercial Installation

Reflection offers a large range of commercial systems to treat flows of 2,000 litres per day to 200,000 plus litres per day. Our commercial sand filter systems have few mechanical parts with no aerators. This means less breakdowns and less maintenance costs. All of our systems can be fitted with back-to-base remote monitoring.

Care and attention to detail are of paramount importance in the construction of any wastewater treatment system.

Reflection takes full responsibility for every installation.

Reflection are unique in that we offer the complete service of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of our systems.

We use only highly experienced and fully trained drainage and pump professionals who install only under our direct supervision. This insures that not only is each system constructed to our very high standards, it also takes the responsibility of organising drainlayers, plumbers, earthmovers and irrigation specialists away from the client.

The pictures shown demonstrate the basic procedure for installation, from excavation to media filter installation and treated water distribution……..


Installation 1 in Owhanake Wastewater Treatment Plant, Waiheke Island, NZ

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Installation 2 in Regal Mushrooms, Londonderry, NSW

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