Sand & Other Media Filtration Systems

The ultimate in on-site wastewater treatment. In areas not covered by reticulated sewage system, property owners generally have in the past been reliant on the traditional and often unreliable septic tank and soakage field systems or on some form of mechanical aeration plant.

Natural sand filtration systems have long been recognized as having the ability to treat wastewater to a very high standard with extremely low maintenance.

The development of the Reflection Intermittent Sand Filter (ISF) for householders, the Recirculating Sand Filter (RSF) for large commercial and multiple dwellings and the exciting new Recirculating Media Filters (RMF) provides clear options for the most advanced on-site wastewater treatment systems available. The treated water quality of < 5 B.O.Ds and suspended solids plus low maintenance makes Reflection Australia’s No#1 choice for quality wastewater treatment.

Reflection ISF – RSF – RMF……..
……Leader in on-site technology.