Tony Kruf – Director.

Tony became a director of Reflection Treatment Systems in 2002 and has over 25 years experience in the installation design and maintenance of sewage and water treatment systems. Tony’s people and management skills have been the key to Reflections success to become the industry leader in NSW.

Rick Soar – System Design, Research and Development.

An Environmental Health Officer with over 20 years experience, Rick has specialised in the on site disposal of waste water for a number of local Authorities including Taumarunui Borough and County Council, Rodney District Council and Waitakere City Council, New Zealand. Rick represented Waitakere City Council in the waste water strategy workshop as part of the Auckland wide waste water 2000 workshop and spent two years on the Australia/New Zealand International Standards Committee charged with formulating a joint standard for septic tanks and on site disposal. In 1995 he spent 12 months in Queensland as an environmental consultant to a Brisbane based company. In 1996 Rick formed Reflection Treatment Systems in Auckland, New Zealand and now has over 600 domestic and commercial Sand Filters installed.

Ian Fox – Biology, Research and Development.

In the early 1980’s Ian was the manager of Research and Specifications for the NSW Department of Consumer Affairs and represented the Department on 23 committees of the Australian Standards Association. He has also attended meetings of the Commonwealth State Consumer Products Advisory Committee for the National Health & Medical Research Advisory Committee Uniform Food Law. Ian has over 30 years experience in all aspects of the water industry in Australia. Ian has managed laboratories and production facilities in the food industry. Ian has worked as a senior Technical Officer in both the State Pollution Commission and Sydney Water Corporation (AWT. P/L). In recent times Ian has managed a catchment studies group for Sydney Water Corporation and was appointed a Senior Manager responsible for product marketing of the scientific services of AWT Ensight P/L. Ian specialises in nutrient removal and total water cycle management.

Neil Hancock – supervisor.

Neil is in charge of the installation of all Reflections products. This ranges from installation of sewage systems from dwellings to mines, and the range of Merus products on commercial premises.